A Luxury Postpartum Experience for
New Families

Sanu is a postnatal retreat, exclusively at the boutique, luxury Watermark Hotel in McLean, a Washington, DC suburb of northern Virginia, that offers a holistic solution that takes care of mothers or birthing parents and babies, with customized 24/7 support. Our doctor-developed care also addresses the needs of partners for a worry-free stay.  

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A Moon
A Moon
Sanu is a wonderful concept and the execution delivers! My wife and I stayed here after the birth of our son so that mom could get some well deserved recovery time. From the moment you walk in you're greeted by friendly team members who walk you through every step of your stay. They're reachable all the time via a WhatsApp group, which we found convenient and helpful. The suites are comfortable and well equipped, just like staying at a luxury hotel, just with all the baby stuff you could need and more. We actually discovered some of our favorite products (baby cream and oil) from Sanu staff picks. The dinners were a great chance for mom and dad to take a breath together while the super professional caretakers watched our son. We felt at ease having them care for him, as we were given access to the Lollipop camera in case we wanted to take a look at how he was doing. The Sanu team really took great care of us and we'll look back on our stay as a fond memory during such an important time in our lives. Highly recommend considering a stay for your postpartum recovery, there's really nothing else like it.
Nafa Adadevoh
Nafa Adadevoh
This is an amazing concept for moms looking for 24/7 postpartum care in the DC Maryland and Virginia area! I highly recommend them to all moms!
Alison Cusmano
Alison Cusmano
The Sanu Postpartum retreat provides a relaxing spa-quality atmosphere coupled with a physician-developed evidence-based care. The retreat takes a holistic approach to help families navigate the postpartum period, whether this is your first child or whether you are a seasoned mother. From the moment of arrival, I was greeted with friendly, conscientious staff who escorted us to a beautiful and immaculately clean room. While receiving a relaxing footbath with aromatherapy, the staff took notes to meticulously personalize our care to fit the needs of our newborn, offering lactation and mental health support if desired. We had access to staff 24/7 through concierge services, making us feel at ease and grounded. We took advantage of the amenities of the hotel, such as the large spotless fitness facility and delicious restaurant. Breakfast included a buffet style of everything you could thing of with plenty of healthy options. Lunch was served in our room, taking the need to cook and clean out of the equation, allowing us to focus on our baby instead of cooking a nutritious meal. We took part in individualized classes on how to soothe baby and how to burp baby to help reduce spit-up. My husband and I are both healthcare professionals, yet still found these classes enriching and immediately used some of the evidence-based techniques to help our baby. We were assisted with a newborn bath in the comfort of our room, which made us feel more comfortable with bathing techniques for our baby when we returned home. To top it all off, we were able to get some much needed sleep while knowing our baby was safe in the nursery and could see him on a secure app on our phone. They provided a safe bassinet, white noise, pump part sanitization, and room to enjoy coffee/tea and snacks. The Sanu Postpartum Retreat staff has thought of everything that you could ever want to make life during the postpartum journey easier during your stay. This sanctuary allows mothers to take time to heal, repair, and restore themselves so you can focus on your growing family.

Our services

Full-Service Care for Mother & Baby

Our dedicated team of professional caregivers is available 24/7 to provide attentive and personalized care for you, your partner, and your baby. Whether you need assistance from our lactation consultants, restful breaks to recharge, or have questions for our newborn care specialists, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

However you choose to feed your baby, parents have access to our on-site lactation specialists and care associates who can support you best, judgment-free. 

Our baby room is staffed 24/7 so parents can rest, recover, and enjoy the array of services available at Sanu while your child gets all the care they need.  

Sanu’s dedicated therapist focuses on working with you and your partner to create proactive and preventative strategies for a smooth transition into parenthood.

Evidence-based recovery practices, including postpartum massages and nutritionist-developed meals, contribute to a more comfortable and swift recovery process.

Sanu Seminars offer hands-on coaching in baby care, like CPR and baby soothing, designed to help parents develop essential routines and habits for a smooth transition into parenthood. These seminars provide practical knowledge and hands-on guidance, enabling parents to feel confident in their caregiving abilities.

Partners can fully integrate into the stay, from overnight stays and participation in parenting master classes to mental health, wellness services, and nutritious meals.

To ensure a worry-free stay at Sanu, concierge services are available for families with children or pets at home. Sanu’s team can assist with booking at-home childcare, meal delivery services during the stay, and even provide continued support after you return home. This comprehensive care approach allows parents to focus on recovering and bonding with their new baby.

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Maximize Postpartum Recovery

Proper rest is proven to aid in postpartum healing. Sanu’s rejuvenating environment, round-the-clock nursery, and support staff allow mothers and birthing parents to relax. Sanu’s professional caregivers use evidence-based care practices to maximize postpartum recovery so parents can focus on healing and bonding with their baby. 

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Receive Customized Care & Education

Whether you wish to breastfeed or bottle feed or need some time with our therapist, Sanu’s care team is here to support you without judgment. Sanu also provides master classes in baby care to empower parents with essential knowledge and skills. This valuable education equips parents with routines, habits, and strategies to confidently navigate parenthood upon returning home.

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Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can lead to complications such as postpartum depression, impeding recovery. Sanu’s attentive care team is available around the clock to ensure a relaxing environment with hands-on support and guidance. This nurturing atmosphere serves as a home away from home for new parents and their babies.

Use code ASKALE10 at checkout for 10% off a total stay 

How Sanu Impacts the Fourth Trimester

At Sanu


Baby-focused postnatal period with household duties more present.

Mothers and birthing parents are often left alone with their new babies for long stretches of time. 

Moms or birthing parents, partners, and babies must travel to classes or seek professional care. Thoroughly vetting these resources is difficult and often without adequate reviews.

Proper nourishment is not prioritized and must be navigated by the parents, who may not be knowledgeable about the specific needs of the postpartum period.

Mothers and birthing parents are left to monitor their own physical and mental health.

Parents may develop a try-and-see approach.

Book Your Stay at Sanu Today

Take advantage of the opportunity to experience a transformative postpartum journey at Sanu Postnatal Retreat. Here, you can recover in a supportive, stress-free environment, allowing you and your partner to focus on building a strong foundation for your new life as parents.

Use code ASKALE10 at checkout for 10% off a total stay 

Sanu’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Sanu located?

Sanu is located at the Watermark Hotel in Tysons, Virginia.

Guests can stay at Sanu Postnatal Retreat up to 12 weeks post-childbirth. We recommend a stay of at least five (5) days to benefit from Sanu’s comprehensive range of services, including physical and mental health support, nourishment, and educational programs, however, guests can stay from 3 days to a full 12 weeks. The average length of stay is six days. For longer stays, please contact us at hello@sanupostpartum.com.

We recommend going directly from the hospital to Sanu, but we understand that not all families may be able to do that.  You may stay with us at any point during the first 12 weeks after delivery, but recommend staying within the first eight weeks. Please contact our Reservations team at hello@sanupostpartum.com if you would like to stay beyond the 12-week mark.

It’s essential to book your stay at Sanu well in advance to secure a spot that aligns with your due date and desired duration for your stay after giving birth. Early booking also allows you to take advantage of any special offers or promotions that may be available. While you are able to book anytime up to when you are six weeks postpartum, we recommend booking when you are pregnant so we can pre-reserve special services for you.

Whether you’re ready to book today or have additional questions, Sanu’s professional team is always ready to help you during the booking process, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. 

A comprehensive list of recommended items will be sent to you after you book, but we recommend thinking about items such as breast pumps early on.

Partners are encouraged to stay overnight but can also stay for as long or as little as they need to during the day.

A fee of $125 will be applied to the room for each dog and/or cat pet accompanying guests. For longer stays, this fee will be assessed every seven days. An additional deep cleaning fee of $300 for cats will be applied per room, per stay. Guests must provide their own cat litter and cat litter boxes. Any other domestic pet will need to be reviewed by the hotel on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us at hello@sanupostpartum.com for help with this.

All of our caregivers have at least a certified medical assistant, nursing assistant backgrounds, are sleep ambassador certified, and CPR certified.

  • Medical Emergencies and Loss of Life: In instances of health-related issues or loss of life (miscarriages and loss of life), guests are eligible for a complete refund.
  • Accommodations for NICU Mothers: Tailored arrangements are available for mothers with infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). We encourage NICU mothers to consider staying at Sanu for comprehensive support, including rest, emotional counseling, and lactation consultation.
  • Cancellation Over Two Weeks in Advance: For cancellations made more than 14 days before the scheduled check-in, guests are entitled to a refund, subject to a $150 processing charge.
  • Cancellation Within Two Weeks of Check-In: Guests canceling less than 14 days prior to check-in will receive a 50% refund of the total reservation cost.
  • No-Show Policy: Guests failing to arrive without prior notification will incur charges for the full duration of their reservation.